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What could ROG stand for?

A few Meanings of the ROG acronym and abbreviation

  Reactive Organic Gases
Jiao (Chinese), Jiao (currency)
Rely on God
Random Oriental Guy
Replacement Old Growth
Republic of Gamers
Radius of Gyration
Revolution of Gaming
Resort Owners Group
Result of grievance
Recreation Opportunity Guides
Right Off Ground
Regional Operating Groups
Range Operations Group
Rainmaker Owners Group
Recreational Opportunity Guides
Research On Glaciology
Repressor of GATA

Receipt Of Goods
Radical 148 meaning "horn"
Role of Government
Rate of Growth
Research Operating Grant
Responsible for Overseeing
Rebels of Gaming
rat ovarian granulosa
Rotorway Owners Group
Really Ordinary Group
Regionale Ondersteunings Groep
Ricerca Onde Gravitazionali
Research Office Group
Rocket Over Ground
Research Officers Group
Requirements for Oil and Gas
Residency Obstetrics and Gynecology
Ranger of Gondor